Saturday, April 19, 2008

Writing Update, I've got three FF's I'm working on right now (Spring With the Cullens, School's Out--For Now, and Dawn of the Personality-Challenged Power Rangers; DotP-CPR for short.) So, anyway, here are the stats on them:
1: Spring With the Cullens has 5 chapters so far, and I'm planning to go to about maybe 13. They're just a bunch of one-shots, so maybe less. Next up: what happens when Carlisle returns from hippie doctor retreat...only to find Jasper, Emmett, and Edward behind the house sneaking _____!
2: Kat and the flock are about to get attacked by Erasers. Again. But this time they decide to bait them into a fight next time, where they get to use new toys! (Courtesy of Chi Kit.)
3: Bridge has almost solved the mystery, but what happens when Grumm attacks and B-Squad needs to fight? Of course, it doesn't help that Bridge has sent everything--including uniforms--to the dry-cleaners in case of bedbugs. So can they fight in...marching band uniforms?

Also, I'm hard at work on Psychic and still haven't actually written any of the story yet. I'm thinking of changing it a bit to the point where there's no copyright stuff to worry about so that maybe I could publish it sometime in the future.


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