Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Psychic" Update

Right, so...Psychic is going well. I've got three or four scenes written out (and one that I need to type up). I've got the Graveyard Scene done, ready for editing; same with Meetings--where Bridge meets the psychics. I've got a rough draft of the scene where B-Squad lands in Romania, and a bit of a scene where Bridge is just walking around the academy (TAPS). The one I haven't typed, but is written in my notebook, is a scene at TAPS where Bridge sort of "compares" SPD to TAPS while James is being weird again.

Speaking of Bridge's psychic cohorts, here they are:

Carrie Blake, Grey Sector Rep
Living-Deceased Mediator

Bridge Carson, Green Sector Rep
Psychic Auras and Tracking

Cody Parkani, Red Sector Rep

Alison Hollox, Blue Sector Rep

James Manson, Yellow Sector Rep
Dream Discernment and Alteration

Steph Thompson, Pink Sector Rep

I'm happy with the boys pictures, but I'm not crazy about the girls. I will be changing them, so don't all go off now and make a Power Point. Well, these are them--oh! Wait! I need the Professor too...and the SPD rangers...
The Professor
Jack Landors, SPD Red Ranger
Sky Tate, SPD Blue Ranger
Z Delgado, SPD Yellow Ranger
Sydney Drew, SPD Pink Ranger

I'll change Alison's, Carrie's, and Steph's pictures later.


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