Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Musings of an Irate Author

As the 'great and wise' Brandon Sanderson once said: "If you don't believe what I'm telling you, then ask yourself this: would any decent, kind-hearted individual become a writer? Of course not."

He's totally right.

Author's do not become authors to make the world a better place, okay? For the most part, we write because we like to, we need to vent, or we need an outlet for our sarcastic comments. Or a combination of all three.

We also have short tempers (well, at least I do, as well as most of the author's I've met). Irritation is something that comes easily to us, the kind that makes you throw your keyboard against the nearest wall when Microsoft Word keeps auto-correcting a word you keep typing that should not be corrected. We're time bombs where the fuse is reoccurring and inaccurate; bombs that have a tendency to blow up over and over again, therefore denying the laws of science (don't tell me you've never wondered where science-fiction authors come from).

For instance: I stayed up all of last night/morning to read a KICK-TOAST fanfic (Narnia) called Across the Worlds by Star Dragon Fire (READ IT!!!!!!) and it left off without finishing the story; she hasn't updated it! The same thing happened with emeraldteardrops' Lost Chronices of Narnia: the Beast of Witherby; she hasn't updated it in almost TWO MONTHS!*

(*Another thing about us writers: it should be noted that many of us are bleedin' hypocrites. I myself left off a few fanfics for a few months...But that's not the point!)

Yes, we may be grammar Nazi's at times. And yes, we do have a tendency to 'occasionally' abuse caffeinated beverages. In fact, we even have a nasty little habit of saying things that everyone else is thinking but no one is rude and blunt enough to actually say it.

But really, we're just a bunch of irate curmudgeons who don't know the meaning of '8 hours of sleep' and 'no caffeine'.

So, I guess the point is: UPDATE YOUR FANFICS, PEOPLE!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Another One?

Well, since I'm just crazy about consistency, *rolls eyes*, I've started ANOTHER fanfic. Now, before you reach for sharp object and/or firearms (depending on your personal tastes), here's the basic gist of the story:

Title: My Lady the Pirate
Category: Chronicles of Narnia (Hey, why not?)
Genre: Adventure/General Swashbuckling
Rating: T (violence, Shakespearean insults--they're more fun than usual insults--and the usual brouhaha)
Characters: Susan, with a little bit of Edmund/Lucy/Peter/Caspian/Reepicheep/Trumpkin in other chapters. Mostly Susan, though.
Summary: Slightly AU. After being backed into a corner in an air raid, Susan ends up, once again, in Narnia, where she becomes captain of the Sherwood and sets out to free Narnia of pirates. Susan the Gentle becomes Susan the Fierce, Narnia's sea-faring Robin Hood. Meanwhile, Peter, Lucy, Edmund, Caspian and a few others get together to try and find Susan, who apparently went missing without a trace, and bring her back. (But she's having waaaay too much fun for that.)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Til the Fat Lady Sings

Well, I'm back after my week-long ban from the computer. I've since updated Summer With the Cullens, A Cullen Story, and Dawn of the Personality-Challenged Power Rangers. And I've also put up a new story, a Stargate Atlantis one-shot called 'Til the Fat Lady Sings.

Til the Fat Lady Sings
Going off-world to an uninhabited snow planet to investigate energy readings, Sheppard explains snow sports to the team...with an example, of course.

Well, I've been frantically reading and writing fanfic (especially writing) since school will start to go haywire in January; testing, testing, assignments, testing, (did I mention testing?) So I'm trying to tie up some of my fics (I also need to do two more Cullen season stories, Fall and Winter).

Well, that's the quick update. Oh! Before I forget, I've started working of Psychosomatic, the sequel to Psychic. I know, it's a bit premature (since I still have to edit the first one, a task I'm dreading). And I've also started going through the little bit of a fantasy novel (creatively known as Untitled_1 for now), since I found a complete plotline for it the other day.

The fun never ends.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Long Live The Psycopath

Well, today is my official one-year anniversary for writing/posting fanfic! As promised, here are all the links to my fanfics (with summaries):

1. The Angel Experience (Maximum Ride)
Kat is a human-tigris hybrid: part human, part Bengal tiger. When she escapes Itex at the cost of her mentor's life and meets Max and the flock, can they trust her, help her to avenge the death of her mentor, and bring down the place that ruined her life?
2. Spring With the Cullens (Twilight)
The Cullens are your typical American Vampire family. They're just an ordinary family with lots of issues. With a few twists. Hippie Carlisle, Civil War Anniversaries, hormone-injected cows, sneaking blood behind the house, momness; the list goes on.
3. Translator (Power Rangers)
Sydney has always understood her teammates better than anyone else did. A look at the team dynamic, from Sydney's perspective. Syd/Bridge friendship.
4. School's Out--For Now (Maximum Ride)
Sequel to Angel Experience. Max is captured, and the flock needs help to get to her. Where else to go than Kat in Seattle? Crazy hacker/inventor Chi Kit, a very bored Max, and Fang trying to lead.
5. Summer With the Cullens (Twilight)
The Cullens are at it once again. Road Trips, summer jobs, fish tanks, and summer camp, Bella is once again caught up in the madness. Whether it's hiking or just watching TV, the Cullens have a knack for trouble. And, as usual, she's right in the middle.
6. Dawn of the Personality-Challenged Power Rangers (Power Rangers...obviously)
What's happening to the SPD rangers? Sky thinks he's a Broadway star, Z thinks she's a lawyer, Jack thinks he's the star of a sitcom, Sydney is a goth-girl treehugger--can our newly germaphobic Bridge Carson solve the mystery and sort of save the world?
7. My Roommate Is a Wraith (Stargate: Atlantis)
After a very unusual experience of being in a Hive cell with three Wraith, John Sheppard unwittingly offers assistance if he's ever needed. He has no idea what he's getting himself into. But the Wraith might not be as bad, or as different, as he thought.
8. A Cullen Story (Twilight)
All 10-year-old Jasper wants for Christmas is a Replica Stonewall Jackson Civil War Confederate Rifle BB gun. The response, from his brother Edward, his foster parents, his teachers, and the pretty Mary Alice from 2 streets over: You'll shoot your eye out.

You can find my fanfic page here, if you want to.


Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm horrible. I know. But I honestly couldn't help myself.

So there.

I just started writing Psychosomatic, the sequel to Psychic. I know, I know; I have to edit the first one and all; I will, I swear, but Psychosomatic is NOT going to wait. Hello multitasking.

Anyway, in case you haven't checked it out yet, I started posting A Cullen Story, and I'll be updating again REAL soon.

Oh, and my fanfic-writing anniversary is on the 11th this month, so I'll be doing another post then as well, with links and summaries to my stories, as well as updating every single one of them (*gasp* Shocking, I know).

That post will count as a Reveal Day. Everyone who visits this blog for that post, LEAVE A COMMENT. I've been seeing the most amazing places showing up on the blog map, and I want to meet you guys!

Well, lots of writing to do if I have to update everything soon.