Sunday, April 6, 2008


On Monday, I got two Chinese dwarf hamsters, Sir Michael and Fisk. I've had hamsters before; there was the family hamster, Snowy. And then there was Albert. Albert was a name I just randomly came up with, but Albert Einstein fits the mold perfectly. He was a cross between Einstein and Houdini. On his first night in the house, he knocked off his plastic tube, jumped off my dresser, got into my parents room and tried to eat one of my dad's chocolate truffles. Then he somehow got back onto my dresser and into the cage. To this day I don't know how he did it. Anyway. This morning at 6:30 AM, they woke me up by being as loud as they possibly could. I went back to sleep, but they did it again every hour until 10:30. By then I was pretty fed up, so I put in my headphones and listened to Keane and the Smiths until I could get to sleep. Hopefully, this would help.

What a lot of parents don't seem to realize is that on weekdays, of course you want to sleep in! But on weekends, you DON'T. Why? Because it you're sleeping in, you can't savor the not-going-to-school part that makes the whole weekend! We teenagers just know this stuff. It's like how we just know how a Monday feels compared to every other day of the week. You can--and I do, by the way--have whole conversations with people at school about how it feels like a Wednesday, even though it's a Thursday.

So thanks a lot, hamsters.


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