Sunday, May 11, 2008


Okay, so I've always had really bad insomnia (like, not getting to sleep until three or four in the morning, kind of bad) so I just took this test on Apollo, and turns out I have DCR, Delayed Circadian Rhythm. And I scored a 74 out of 100, a "severe."

I'm proud to say that, yes, I am part vampire! Yay! (I wish.)

Well, on that happy note, I started a new story today: volume one of The Marcus Favonius Chronicles. It's about fifteen-year-old Sewell (Jack Sewell, if you had to know) and his adopted, Native American brother, Thom. Sewell runs a radio program--the most popular in the area--called the Forum Romanum, all about Roman history. When important historical artifacts from Hannibal go missing in the Hannibal exhibit, Sewell and Thom, who were there, attempt to catch the culprit and solve any historical mysteries in the way. It's all about Rome, folks.

On that note, I will not be updating my FanFic's until June 1st, for all you fictitious readers of mine.

Anyway, I also read Percy Jackson #4: Battle of the Labyrinth (by Rick Riordan), and it was very good.
And I've also read--last month, anyway, Ninth Grade Slays, the second Chronicles of Vladimir Tod book (sequel to Eight Grade Bleeds) by Heather Brewer, who is AWESOME!!!
Well, it's--hopefully, as I've got school in the morning, though not for much longer, thank toast--off to bed.


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