Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Book List

Well, here's the new book list I have. I guess I'll start doing one monthly/bimonthly. So, here it is:
(the ***** stuff is a rating, not curse-words, in case you were wondering. -/5.)
1. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Ninth Grade Slays--Heather Brewer ****
SEQUEL TO EIGHTH GRADE BITES. As teenage vampire, Vlad, starts high school, his 'blood cravings' get worse, and he is being hunted once again. He's still having problems with Meredith, the girl he likes, and doesn't neccesarily want to deal with some of the issues of being a vampire (slightly angst).
2. Battle of the Labyrinth--Rick Riordan ****
(PERCY JACKSON #4) Percy goes back to camp and Annabeth finally gets a quest: in the Labyrinth. Still trying to evade Luke and Kronos' nasties, they run into a barn of man-eating horses, a pet hellhound named Mrs. O'Leary, and demon cheerleaders. All in a day's work, of course.
3. Dracula--Bram Stoker *****
As Jonathan Harker goes on a business trip to Transylvania to visit Count Dracula, a man who wishes to purchase a home in London, Harker discovers slowly that the count is anything but human. When he is loose and in England, Jonathan sets out to stop him, aided by his recently-wed-to wife, Mina, Dr. Seward, who owns an insane assylum, Arthur Homewood, the fiancee of Lucy, who was killed by the count, and Quincy Morris, a friend of Arthur and Lucy.
4. Wolf Brother--Michelle Paver ***
(CHRONICLES OF ANCIENT DARKNESS #1) 6,000 years ago, 12-year-old Torak promises his dying father that he will find a sacred mountain and stop the demon bear that is killing the forest (and kills Torak's father, ironically enough). He is helped by Wolf, a wolf cub who is Torak's Spirit Guide, and Renn, a Raven Clan girl who wants to help her clan by stopping the bear with Torak--"the Listener"--before the demon bear kills everything.
5. Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City; Kiki Strike: Inside the Empress's Tomb--Kristin Miller
(KIKI STRIKE #'s 1 & 2) ***; ****
What do 12-year old's Kiki Strike (girl superspy), Ananka Fishbein (bookworm/NY Historian), Luz Lopez (mechanical genius), Betty Bent (master of disguise), Oona Wong (master hacker and forger), and DeeDee Morlock (amazing chemist) have in common? They're the Irregulars, a group of girls who protects the Shadow City underneath NYC and be all-around good guys...well, most of the time, anyway.

6. Master and Commander--Patrick O'Brian ****
(AUBRY/MATURIN #1...of 20)
In the dawn of the Napolianic War, Jack Aubrey is given command of his own ship, the Sophie. He has to hire an entirely new crew--and surgeon, Stephen Maturin, who he knew for about a day before he asked him to be the surgeon.
7. Last Knight--Hilari Bell *****
I know that I read this a few months ago, but I LOVE THIS BOOK. So THERE.
Sir Michael Sevenson is the typical 18-year-old who has no idea what he wants to do (this is fantasy, by the way) until his father scornfully and sarcastically suggest being a knight errant. The idea sticks. While going through a neighboring town on his first quest, Michael witnesses a trial in which 17-year-old sarcastic and cynical rogue, Fisk (WHO ROCKS), is being tried for numerous shifty cases. Michael pays bail and takes on Fisk as his squire. Everything goes fine (for a few days) until Michael rescues a fair damsel from a tower who turns out to be a convicted murderess.

Happy readings


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