Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Agenda

Finally, school is out (aside from the day left that's just to collect refunds and the third 'yearbook' day, that is.) My agenda for this summer consists mostly of write, read, watch a heck of a lot of Stargate Atlantis before Season 5 starts, write, Stargate, memorize the Emancipation Declaration (already memorized the Gettysburg Address), write, Stargate, try my hand at making a few videos, write, Stargate, write, and try to refrain myself from strangling siblings.

All in a days work.

Well, I need to finish up Spring With the Cullens, Dawn of the Personality-Challenged Power Rangers, and School's Out--For Now so I can start Summer With the Cullens and work on my own stories. For you fictional readers-of-my-fan-fiction, here's a bit of what's in store for Summer With the Cullens:
  • Something Smells Fishy: the Cullens get a humongous fish aquarium for the "kids". But things get messy when Emmet's piranha-like fish, Sherman, eats Jasper's precious General Lee.
  • Get a Job: Esme and Carlisle insist that the kids get jobs; but when the applications are shuffled on the coffee table, they apply for the wrong jobs. Oops.
  • Route 66: Road Trip! When Bella gets stuck in the car on the Cullen's roadtrip, she sees just how childish they can be; and that vampires aren't as patient as she thought!
Well, there you have it. Psychic is going well, and I started another story a few weeks back: The Marcus Favonius Chronicles: The Hannibal Plot. 15 year-old adopted Italian Roman History buff Sewell and his adopted Native American brother Thom, a mystery novel expert who knows every trick in the book are put to the test when ancient maps and artifacts from the Hannibal exhibit downtown are stolen, it's going to take a lot of history, mystery, caffeine, and Sewell's radio show--the most popular for miles and miles around--the "Forum Romanum" (under the alias of Marcus Favonius) to crack the case. (Magnus gratias to Dr. Lillian Fodermeir, my AMAZING Latin teacher for the lessons on Hannibal, by the way)

So there you have it. I'll 'gate back in later.


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