Sunday, November 2, 2008

Psychic Update/Covers

Another update. The first 5,000 words have been written. So far it's all about Bridge at the IPS (International Police Squadron), but it's turning out much better than expected. I even have a great bomb-diffusing scene. I finished the book cover (early draft, anyway) and I'm waiting for it to get to the good part. Here's some more posters (since you're all sick to death of them by now):
(No. 1: my first draft; not using this one much)
(No. 2: not using this one much either. It looks like the cover to a museum guidebook.)
(No. 3: yeah, I'm using this one.)

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Diane said...

I definitely like the third one best. I can't wait to read it! Did you check out your map? Crazy! I've never even heard of some of these places. So very cool!