Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well, Psychic is in the final stages of the first draft, and I've officially reached the 50K line for NaNo. All I can say (as much as I love my book) is: finally!!!

On that note, another Twilight fanfic is underway: A Cullen Story. This is basically a redo of the classic 1984 movie, A Christmas Story, but with a twist...

Jasper Whitlock is a ten-year-old boy who is living in Indiana with his half-brother Edward and their foster parents Carlisle and Esme. Jasper, already grumpy from the cold weather (he's originally from Texas) and being ignored by the pretty neighbor girl Mary Alice, decides that the only thing he wants for Christmas is a Replica Stonewall Jackson Civil War Confederate Rifle BB gun. But everyone from Carlisle and Esme to his school teachers to Santa says 'You'll shoot your eye out!' What is Jasper going to do?!

I should be posting the first chapter within the first few days of December.

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Emily said...

He's going to shoot his eye out, of course.