Monday, September 10, 2012

Of Novels and Cheez-Its

You know, I used to post on here fairly frequently--I haven't done that in a looong time. I'm not quite sure why I don't anymore; maybe it just doesn't have the novelty it used to, or because it's kind of like ranting to myself (really the only comments I see on here are Chinese spam one-liners with no context to what I actually wrote--not that I'm trying to guilt-trip people into commenting, you guys can do whatever the crap you want *shrug*), or maybe I just don't have that much to say anymore. Although I certainly hope that I haven't just run out of witty comebacks to things--that would be fairly distressing to me.

But what the hell, I guess I'll try writing stuff again, if only for the sake of killing time (please note that this should be read as "procrastinating"...why doesn't Blogger have footnotes?)

I'm starting my third week of my sophomore year of college...I hate college. I grew up on campus, so there wasn't really that "novelty" to me; I sat in on lectures when I was like six, there's no "mystique" to any of this...maybe I'm just sick of it (hardly surprising). I'm still an Asian Studies major and studying Chinese and Japanese. I'm really out of practice in Chinese (I haven't had a Chinese class in a year now), so I currently know a lot more Japanese--but I just love Chinese in a way that I don't really feel for Japanese. Chinese was the first language I started studying (of my own volition; elementary-school Spanish does NOT count), and I've invested so much time and passion into it over the years. I love the sound of Japanese, but when I hear Chinese--even when I don't understand it--it just feels like home. But I couldn't get into the 201 class for it, so I'm in Japanese 102 for now.

 I'm also taking a sewing class--three hours a day, twice a week. It's really frustrating and time-consuming, but I HOPE it'll be worth it; I spend enough time and effort (and money) on cosplay costumes that I think I can justify it...maybe.

I'm living in the dorms right now--my roommates are both really awesome (both with 'K' names), and I love the apartment and everything...I just hate the 30-minute uphill trek up to campus. THAT sucks.

I haven't gotten much writing done in...a while. I haven't ENJOYED writing in a while, either, which worries me. When writing becomes a chore, something is the HELL wrong. Same with reading, which is REALLY freaking me out. So no progress on any novels or fanfics (which is very frustrating, because I hate disappointing my reviewers so much TT.TT) These past few weeks have been grueling, and I really want a few days to just RELAX...unfortunately, this will not happen. BYU doesn't BELIEVE in fall break. Or spring break. Or humanity and goodness and violence (which can SO be grouped together, thank you very much).

Plans for this fall: I'm in the middle of making cosplay costumes for Anime Banzai 2012: Juvia Loxar (the short hair/when she enters the guild outfit and a dance outfit from a chapter cover) and Haku Yowane (whom I ADORE, but the costume is a little annoying...mostly those stupid stripes on the pants). That's really all I'm up to lately; watch anime instead of doing homework, scramble to finish homework, waste time and then curse that there's not enough time to finish my essays, and then back to Naruto, One Piece, and Cheez-Its. Oh the joys of higher education.

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Katherine Traylor said...

Hey, sweetie! Sorry you're in the doldrums. I'm glad you have good roommates, at least. I guess you can treat studying like a job, and just be sure to do lots of fun, silly stuff in between. Good luck! XOXO