Sunday, March 25, 2012

Winter Semester Blues

Ugh.....*siiiiiiiigh* Where to begin...

I'm three weeks away from finishing up my winter semester at uni, and I can't hate it more. Oh well. I got a surprise visit from my best friend this week (got to keep her for a full 7 days!) and am now done with midterms. At BYU, unfortunately, "Spring Break" is nothing but a myth TT.TT I also have a terrible cold. It's really bad -.- (Just when I'd recovered from my stint in the ER! It's always something...)

On a lighter note, I have been introduced to the wonders of Cabin Pressure and Sherlock. The BBC is truly a wonderful thing =w= I also saw The Hunger Games today and absolutely loved it! It was fabulous!! I have also been rewatching (read as "re-becoming seriously obsessed with") the Star Wars movies. Of course, this means watching the movies, reading the novels and series, playing the Phantom Menace card games, watching YouTube tributes, playing hours and hours of Lego Star get the picture.

I've had zero artistic inspiration lately and am feeling pretty dang depressed. All in all, I can't wait for summer break, where I can just relax, read books, listen to my music, and work on costumes and props.

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