Monday, January 9, 2012

Props, Props, Props!

Awright! So for some of my costumes this year, I'm going to making some serious props. These be them!

Lightning Farron (Final Fantasy XIII) AKA my dream costume

Survival Knife

Used mostly by Hope (squee! such a cute lil angst muffin! XD). A gift from Light's sister Serah.


Lights up, issued by GC (Guardian Corps), who Light used to work for.


Actually omitted from some cutscenes; forgotten? Shouldn't be too hard!

Blazefire Saber

*siiigh* holy &)(_*^%%&^%&^. That about sums it up. Because I'm an overachiever with this stuff, my friend Alyssa and I (thank frickin heavens for physics majors with interests in prop work!) are trying to make it so it actually transforms. It'll be a real challenge!

Juvia (Fairy Tail) She's such a riot!

Yeaaaah, I can't imagine me using this either -.- Oh well! In cosplay, nobody cares about who you REALLY are! XD

Maka (Soul Eater) The one I need the quickest!

Yeah, this one shouldn't be too hard. I've already got it planned out, actually ^^;

Costumes? Ugh. One thing at a time TT.TT

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