Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Lazy Author

I find it ironic that I consider myself a writer, but I never seem to write anymore. I don't blog, I don't update fanfic, and I don't work on my books. I don't even do my Creative Writing assignments. But, as of NOW, I am going to write A LOT. 1-2 fanfics updates a week, one blog post a week (even though nobody reads it), and 3 pages of novel-writing. Especially now that I'm on Christmas break. I'M LAZY! Bad llama!

So, here's this week's entry: in a week, I burned myself, I was a zombie violinist, I laughed in freakish enjoyment as my school put on a pagan/witch dance performance at the Christmas Assembly (to Hunter, by Bjork, the greatest song they could have chosen for their performance), and I was this close to getting in an all-out debate with my history teacher over Naval warfare in the American Civil War (The Moniter was an ironclad, not a submarine. And whadya mean you can't remember if it beat the Merrimac or not?! You call yourself a history teacher. Pah! I scoff at you).

And that's me for this week.

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Beezusaurus said...

How stupid is your history teacher? Sheesh. (And yes, I'm leaving this that many months later).