Saturday, April 25, 2009

Holy CRAP!!!

I was at Barnes & Noble the other night for a Script Frenzy write-it, but nobody showed up. Low and behold, guess who did show up?

I am the kind of sad, obsessive fan-girl who remembers an author's voice from three years ago, yet I could hardly believe my eyes and ears when I saw and heard the BRANDON SANDERSON talking to a group of people in our lowly B & N. Talk about a sucker-punch!

So I just read manga and sort of peeked between bookshelves for a glimpse every once in while until Mom and I were ready to go, by which time he was packing up and signing the last of his books.

My mom "prompted" me to go and talk to him (it involved a bit of pushing), and I ended up getting a signed, personalized copy of Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians (remember my review about that one?) and a pep talk about writing (he found out that I was a writer), as well as giving me a business card for his writing podcast. He stayed extra just to sign my book and talk to moi. I was the last person. I just about fainted (not to mention grinning my head off).

Pinch me.


Derek Bown said...
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Derek Bown said...

Brandon's a really nice guy, and is very invested in helping future writers. He always spends a semester teaching a creative writing class at my University ever winter, even though he's pretty much one of TOR's premier authors right now (being chosen to finish the Wheel of Time will do that). Neat to hear that you had a chance to meet him.